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Will metal oxide be added?

wallpapers News 2021-06-03
Why invent paint?
When was time invented paint? Tens of thousands of years ago, humans discovered that combining colored clay with mucus would produce something that could be dyed. With the advancement of technology, we can now absorb materials from Europe and Asia to make flowers and weddings smartly.
The favorite is any combination of colored and scented liquid, stainable or nipple, which will be transformed into a round film when applied to the foundation in a thin layer. It is most commonly used to protect, color or provide texture to objects. Form retention, sales and application, but most types will dry into cells.
What metal oxide is red pink?
Flour flour is made of high flour flour, corn and other fusion in the furnace at very high temperature. The inclusion of corn gives the pink powder its unique pink or ruby ​​color, and it has higher hardness and particles than white pigments. Other pink metals include erbium oxide and other powders.

Is the solvent formaldehyde varnish in the tableware?
Compounds in silicone glass adhesives. Titanium dioxide is one of the white pigments. Color is also a color. Resin formaldehyde varnish is an alternative to resin resin and has industrial applications.

Why is red glass so expensive?
The glass is made by adding metal oxide or metal color to this glass through the photo. In the early glass production, the rarest color was red. Because red requires the most expensive additive-gold.

Why is metal blue?
It turns blue because a thin oxide layer is formed on the metal surface. The thickness of the film will change some specific light on the metal surface, which can change the color of the metal.
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