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The practical environment of INA bearings affects its life

wallpapers Products 2020-08-27
According to the use location, use conditions and environmental conditions, the selection of size, accuracy and suitable bearings is the prerequisite to ensure the life and feasibility of the bearings.
First of all, the industrial design of the bearing is quite perfect, with a world-class level, and the strong quality guarantees its service life. Bearing forgings must undergo strict procedures such as forging, bearing heat treatment, turning, grinding and bearing equipment. Various processing procedures will affect the service life of the bearing. Among them, the quality of imported bearings is directly related to the failure of the bearing. With the continuous progress of scientific and technological testing, INA bearings surface testing found that the grinding process of the metamorphic layer is closely related to the quality of the INA bearings surface.
Secondly, the metal lottery ticket used in INA bearing manufacturing was once the main factor affecting bearing failure. With the continuous progress of metallurgical technology, the extraction of raw materials has been greatly improved, and the quality of raw materials has also been greatly improved. The quality factor greatly reduces bearing failures. At this stage, this problem still exists.
Third, the selection of bearing manufacturing materials is also a consideration for bearing failure. In the usual bearing fault detection, it is mainly based on a large number of Beijing materials, data analysis, fault environment, and find out the main factors to solve the bearing fault during the forging process, which is conducive to the continuous optimization of the bearing, the improvement of service life and efficiency. improve. Extend the service life of the bearing to avoid sudden premature failure of the bearing. Installation conditions are one of the main factors in the use factors. INA bearings are often installed due to improper installation, resulting in changes in the force state between the various parts of the entire INA bearing. Bearings will operate under abnormal conditions and will fail prematurely.
According to the technical requirements of bearing installation, use, maintenance and maintenance, monitor and check the load, speed, working temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication of the bearing in operation. If an abnormality is found, immediately find the cause and make adjustments to restore it to normal.
However, not all machines are equipped with such advanced equipment. In this case, the machine operator or maintenance engineer must insist on the INA bearing failure signal alarm.
The sharp squeak may be caused by insufficient lubrication due to incorrect bearing clearance and metal sound. DAG on the outer ring of INA bearings can cause vibration. As for equipment caused by hitting scars, noise will be generated, which is subject to different speed levels. If there is intermittent noise, it may damage the rolling parts. However, there is usually no need to replace INA bearings at this time. Therefore, the bearing damage can be sensed by hearing. Of course, better methods can be used, such as electronic health monitoring equipment.

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