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Maintenance method for motor bearings


Maintenance method for motor bearings

In order to prevent rust, the motor bearing should be coated with a layer of anti-rust oil before leaving the factory. Some of this grease is compatible with the upcoming smooth grease, so it can be used directly. Otherwise, clean the device strictly. The purpose is to remove the original rustproof material, remove dust and other foreign matter.

Be aware of fire prevention and antivirus operations in all processes.

The maintenance methods of motor bearings are as follows:

(1) Wipe the anti-rust oil in the bearing with a clean woolless cloth towel.

(2) Soak the bearing in the cleaning solvent for a time. Available cleaning solvents include solvent gasoline (commonly used is no. 120,160 and 200), especially clean kerosene or light diesel oil (because of its slow transpiration, usually leaves traces after transpiration, so it can only be used for common goods), trichloroethylene special cleaning (industrial use, added stabilizer 0.1% - 0.2%, such as diethylamine, triethylamine, pyridine, tetrahydrofuran, etc.), etc.

(3) Rinse with a brush.

(4) Rinse 1 ~ 2 times with cleaning solvent.

(5) Dry with a flannelless cloth, and dry again.

(6) When using flammable solvents, fire prevention preparations should be made in advance, and any operation that will ignite solvents should be avoided during the operation, such as smoking or using open flames on site.

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