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The application of nano-diamond in traditional fields

The manufacture of nanodiamonds, especially their applications, has been a hot research topic for scientists from all over the world in recent years.
Nano-diamond has been developed more than 30 years ago, but its application was limited to the field of polycrystalline, polishing agents,s and other abrasives. With the deepening of people’s understanding of the properties of nano-diamond, nano-diamond has been used in lubricants. , Metal coating, magnetic recording system, medicine, and other fields have begun to be applied, and the application field is still expanding.

Nano-diamond and metal composite coating
The service life of the parts after plating is increased by 1 to 9 times. The thickness of the coating can be reduced by 1 to 2 times. Standard electroplating equipment is used for electroplating.
The average diamond content in the metal coating is 0.3 to 0.5% by weight. When the thickness of the coating is 1 micron, the diamond consumption is 0.2 g (1 carat)/m2.
Nanodiamond polishing liquid
Nano-diamond polishing liquid [1] is widely used in semiconductor silicon wafer polishing, computer hard disk substrate, computer head polishing, precision ceramics, artificial crystal, cemented carbide, gem polishing, and other fields due to its excellent performance. Russia uses nano-diamonds to polish quartz, optical glass, etc., with a polished surface roughness of 1nm. The application of nanodiamonds shows many advantages. Due to the ultra-fine and ultra-hard, the problems in optical polishing are easily solved. Fine polishing is a difficult problem in optical polishing. The original process method is to use abrasives repeatedly, which requires tens of hours and is very inefficient. The use of nano-diamonds greatly increases the polishing speed. The time required to polish the same workpiece is only ten hours to ten minutes, and the efficiency is increased by tens to hundreds of times. The following are some of the many application examples of nanodiamonds. It is not difficult to conclude from these cases that nano-diamond can adapt to and meet the needs of the development of superfinishing.

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