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Mobile EV charger may be one of the most effective solutions to the difficulty of charging electric vehicles

Mobile EV charger may be one of the most effective solutions to the difficulty of charging electric vehicles
To solve the problem of the difficult charging of electric vehicles, a mobile EV charger could be one of the very effective solutions.
A few days ago, Envision Technology Group released the world's first green charging robot Mochi at the "Zero Carbon Partner Day" event, which can move on its own and charge electric vehicles to achieve separation of vehicle piles.
At the same time, it was officially announced that the product will be mass-produced and put on the market in June this year.
According to reports, Moqi has intelligent driving and automatic charging functions. It can follow the call of electric vehicle owners to charge in parking lots and other scenes, effectively realizing "separation of vehicle piles" and solving problems such as insufficient resources and insufficient utilization of charging facilities.
Based on the EnOS intelligent operating system and the global 200GW renewable energy assets connected and managed by the system, the charging power of Moqi comes from renewable energy, allowing car owners to achieve 100% green travel in the true sense.
Moqi uses the Vision AESC car-grade safety battery, with a single capacity of 70 kWh and a charging and discharging power of 42 kW. It can quickly fill a new energy vehicle with a cruising range of about 600km in 2 hours, which is suitable for almost all on the market. Mainstream electric models.
With multi-sensor fusion technology such as lidar, body ultrasonic radar array, high-precision wheel speedometer, and inertial measurement unit, Moqi can still achieve centimeter-level accurate positioning and precise arrival after hundreds of meters of navigation.
In the face of obstacles, it only takes 0.1s for Moqi to go from 1m/s at full speed to a safe stop, which greatly guarantees its safe operation.
It is worth mentioning that the domestic car company Ai Chi Auto has previously developed a robot that automatically finds and charges a car-the CARL intelligent mobile EV charger robot. The charging robot can not only meet the models of AIWAYS, but also charge other models with the same charging standard.

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